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Frequently asked questions

What is Gipuzkoa Tour about?

It's a free magazine that is published every three months. It informs our region's visitors about the different recreational activities they can enjoy during their stay. It includes a wide array of information: from outings, touristic routes, a calendar of activities and recommendations, to gastronomy, shopping, as well as recreational and cultural activities.

The publication has a tasteful presentation, offers multilingual content and employs creative graphic design. We believe that these are all important aspects, since Gipuzkoa Tour is often a visitor's first peek into all that Gipuzkoa has to offer. This first impression will have a lasting effect on where they chose to eat, shop, sight-see and even which museums they will decide to visit during their stay.

What do i gain from advertising my business on Gipuzkoa Tour?

  • Travelers who visit us – for either business or pleasure -- will get to know your establishment or commercial activity and allocate part of their travel budget to your business. No longer do local businesses have to rely only on local clientele: nowadays, there is an increasing number of visitors who come to San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa. They could be your new potential customers, too. Just over one million visitors are expected to visit the region this year.

Why should i advertise my business on Gipuzkoa Tour?

  • Because tourism is, from the macro perspective, the fastest growing commercial activity in Gipuzkoa. Currently, it represents 7% of the region's GDP. The numbers for amount and length of stays, number of visitors, visitor expenditure, etc. corroborate this fact. More than one million people are expected to visit our territory during the year 2015.
  • Also, because tourists typically do not use local media when it comes to planning their itinerary, nor do they have the time or inclination to pick up locally distributed fliers or pamphlets to find out where to shop, what to see or where to eat.
  • And finally, because Gipuzkoa Tour offers visitors all the information they need about your establishment in one place, alongside other interesting content, published in a tasteful manner and adapted to the season of their visit (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter).

What is Gipuzkoa Tour's readership like?

Given the profile of potential customers who pick Gipuzkoa as their holiday destination and who stay in three, four and five star hotels in San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa, our average readership qualifies as medium/high in the scale of purchasing power. Within this general visitor profile, there's a rapidly growing segment composed by professionals from a wide array of industries who visit us for business motives (expos, conferences, professional and commercial activities, etc.).

General calculations indicate that our readers/customers who stay in these types of hotels, spend on average more than 150 € per day during their stay. For those who visit Gipuzkoa for business or professional reasons, the amount skyrockets to 350 € per day. This expense is allocated towards gastronomy, recreation and shopping throughout the city's different establishments.

Most of these visitors come from Madrid, Catalonia, France, England, the U.S.A and Germany. Recent data has also revealed an interesting trend: there is an increasing number of tourists from Russia and Asia visiting our region.

Where is Gipuzkoa Tour distributed?

In three, four and five star hotel rooms throughout San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa. This distribution is facilitated by a joint effort between Gipuzkoa Tour and Hotels of Gipuzkoa, an association which has some of the most prominent hotels in the region as its members.

Donostia-San Sebastián: Hotel Maria Cristina - Hotel de Londres - Hotel Silken Amara Plaza - Hotel Barceló Costa Vasca - Hotel NH Aranzazu - Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo - Hotel San Sebastián - Hotel Tryp Orly - Hotel Europa - Hotel Niza - Hotel Ezeiza - Hotel Anoeta - Hotel Villa Soro - Hotel Codina - Hotel La Galería - Hotel Parma - Hotel Hespería Donosti - Hotel Palacio de Aiete - Hotel Silken Amara Plaza - Hotel Astoria 7 - Hotel Irenaz Resort - Hotel Zaragoza

Hondarribia: Parador De Turismo - Hotel Jáuregui - Hotel Obispo - Hotel Río Bidasoa - Hotel Jaizkibel - Hotel Urdanibia

Irun: Hotel Alcazar - Hotel Ibis - Hotel ETH - Hotel Atalaia

Oiartzun: Hotel Lintzirin

Getaria: Saiaz Hotel - Hotel Iturregi

Beasain: Hotel Dolarea

Bidegoian: Hotel Iriarte Jauregia

Eibar: Unzaga Plaza

Zarautz: Hotel Zarautz - Hotel Arguiñano

How often is Gipuzkoa Tour published?

At the beginning of each season. Meaning that the latest issue of Gipuzkoa Tour can already be found in hotel rooms across the region during the first few days of the months of January, April, July and October.

How can i advertise my business on Gipuzkoa Tour?

It's easy.

First, get in touch with our publication either by phone at +34 943 47 32 02, by e-mail at or by visiting our office located on Calle Prim No. 12, 1st Floor/Left in Donostia-San Sebastian.

Shortly after, a member of our advertising staff will be appointed to work alongside you, and he or she will be responsible for guiding you through all the different advertising options that our publication offers. Your professional activity, preferences and budget will be taken into account. Our team member will then present you with a bespoke advertising solution to fit your needs.

Rates, ad space, special deals, publication dates, type of advertisement, discounts and payment methods can all be discussed before we reach a final agreement. Before we can publish an ad on our magazine, we require the client's express consent, in writing.

If the advertisement contract is via an advertising agency or a media source rather than through a direct client, you will earn a 10% commission.

How much does it cost to advertise on your magazine?

However much you want.

Our rates are adaptable to our client's different needs and budgets. They range from 300 € up to 2,200 € per three-month period.


· We Recommend: 300 €

· 1/4 Page: 400 €

· 1/2 Page: 600 €

· Advertorial - 2 Pages: 1.700 €

· Interior Page: 1.100 €

· Interior Cover: 1.800 €

· Interior Back Cover: 1.500 €

· Back Cover: 2.200 €

Who will design my advertisement?

If the client doesn't have any previuosly designed ads or publicity material they would like to run in our publication, nor do they want to hire an advertising agency for this task, then Gipuzkoa Tour will be happy to design a unique ad for your campaign (including images, text, creative design, etc.).

The process includes preparing a series of proposals, sketches and proofs alongside the client. Once the final ad has been selected, we will only publish it once we obtain the client's express consent, in writing.

What are the ad spaces?

The following ad spaces are available:

· 1 full-page ad: 297 x 210 mm. (+ 3 mm indent on every side).

· 1/2 page ad: 127 x 179 mm.

· 1/4 page ad, on the bottom of the page: 64 x 179 mm.

If you have a previously designed ad, you can send it to us, indicating the size. If you don’t have any ad, we will be happy to design one for you and help you during the design process.


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